May 26, 2024

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18 Paintings That May Prove Existence of Aliens 

Aliens and UFOs have been one of the biggest mysteries of all time.

Unusual sightings, flashes of light in the sky, stories of captures, and testimonies from places all around the world feed these conspiracy theories.

Many people argue that UFOs and aliens aren’t real and are just an occurrence that exists in sci-fi films.

It seems that they have been around for longer than we know.

This article will exhibit a series of artwork, dating from primitive times to the Renaissance, that depicts some unusual, extraterrestrial-type objects. While we certainly not fully know what the illustrator was trying to show. However, some of these pieces seem like aliens are real.

1. The Crucifixion Of Christ, 1600:

The Crucifixion Of Christ

A 17th-century fresco of the crucifixion can be found in the Svetishoveli Cathedral in Mtskheta, Georgia.

Two saucer-shaped craft are displayed on either side of Christ.

Art historians have supposedly said these to be reflective of angels watching the event, or the moon and the sun.

However, during that time of Byzantine art, angels were portrayed with wings and halos.

The Svetishoveil Cathedral Fresco painting features two somewhat out of place UFOs, which resemble jellyfish, either side of Jesus.

 2. Mystery Over Two Dutch Ships:

Mystery Over Two Dutch Ships

The painter and era of this painting are unknown.

The art shows a sighting by two Dutch ships in the North Sea of an object moving slowly in the sky.

It seemed to be made by two disks of different sizes.

3. Cave Paintings Of Charama, 8000 B.C.

Cave Paintings Of Charama

Archaeologists have found alien-like pictures inside an Indian cave.

Scientists went to NASA to inspect whether or not these paintings prove aliens visited our planet 10,000 years ago.

As per archaeologists, these paintings have depicted like aliens, those shown in Hollywood and Bollywood flicks.

4. Egyptian Pictograph, 400 B.C.

Egyptian Pictograph

This Egyptian pictograph shows a man offering a bird to a mysterious alien figure wearing a cloak.

It may be a settlement deal or maybe him surrendering to this spooky being.

5. Foppa Adorazione, 1478:

Foppa Adorazione

In this painting, a man can be seen standing on the hill looking up at a glowing orbit.

Some argue that this divine painting depicts the belief of extraterrestrial life.

6. The Glorification Of The Eucharist, 1600:

Glorification Of The Eucharist

This painting by Italian artist Ventura Salimbeni illustrates God and Jesus controlling the universe.

However, theorists believe a mysterious metal object between the Holy Father and the Son of God could be a resemblance to Russian Spaceship Sputnik.

7. “Israel, Put Your Hope In The Lord” Painting, 1600:

Israel Put Your Hope In The Lord

The wall painting of a house surrounded by a thunderous sky features a mysterious disk object.

The flying saucer look-alike object is seen turning down. This could be a long exhaust fume.

Fans of the supernatural are claiming that this mysterious painting could show an alien spaceship.

8. Mayan Carving, 1st Century:

Mayan Carving

As seen in the above picture, a man is worshiping or surrendering carved in stone to a look-a-like of an alien.

Some believe the UFO carving is just a representation of an ancient Mayan god. However, the extraterrestrial reference is firm.

9. Mona Lisa, 1503:

Mona Lisa

Another illustration of Leonardo da Vinci, leaving hidden information in his work, comes from one of his most well-known paintings.

By placing two mirror images of the Mona Lisa side-by-side, an alien’s face becomes visible.

10. St. Wolfgang and the Devil, Early 1400:

Saint Wolfgang and the Devil

The work of a German Renaissance painter, Michael Pacher, shows a legend that St. Wolfgang, the Bishop of Regensburg in Bavaria around the 10th Century, mislead the devil into building a church.

Theorists believe the strange green shaped figure allegedly representing the devil appears more like an alien.

11. St John The Baptist By Leonardo Da Vinci, 1513-1516:

St John the Baptist

Leonardo Da Vinci is well-known for leaving hidden codes in his work.

If you combine two mirror images of this painting, the face of an alien can be seen in the figure. Was Da Vinci trying to send us any message?

12. Baptism Of Christ, 1710:

Flemish artist Aert De Gelder painted this mysterious picture. The work depicts a disk-shaped object that appears shines beams of light on John the Baptist and Jesus.

Many claim that this is one of the most convincing examples of UFOs in ancient art.

13. The Annunciation With Saint Emidus, 1486:

Annunciation With Saint Emidus

Painted by Italian artist Carlo Crivelli, this work portrays a strange object.

It shows the clouds firing down a beam towards the Virgin Mary, impregnating her with baby Jesus.

The thin laser-like light was intended to stem from a formation of angels.

The conspiracy theorists claim it is a UFO firing the beam and is more evidence of ancient aliens.

14. The Madonna With Saint Giovannino:

The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

Painted by Domenico Ghirlandaio in the 15th Century and hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, Italy.

A man, perhaps a shepherd and his dog, can be seen looking up at the sky. They saw a blinking disc-shaped UFO, as shown in the background.

It is said that many paintings of this era feature brightened clouds.

15. The Miracle Of The Snow, 1428-1432:

The Miracle Of The Snow

Painted by Masolino da Panicale, it shows a snowfall that happened on a hot August day in Italy.

Many believe the clouds might be representative of something far more otherworldly.

16. Triumph Of Summer Tapestry, 1538:

Triumph Of Summer Tapestry

This tapestry was formed in Bruges(Belgium), featuring three strange objects in the sky.

They don’t appear to match any known religious’ symbols, and the scene on the tapestry is of a ruler’s rise to power.

17. UFO In Paintings Outside Windsor Castle, 1783:

UFO sighting outside Windsor Castle

This painting represents Thomas Sandby’s description of a pale blue object entering the night sky from beyond. He narrated that the radiant orb came to a halt and then moved directions at one point during the confront.

18. Illustration from ‘Ume No Chiri,’ 1803:

Une No Chiri

In 1803, an unknown object was found traveling off the coast of Japan’s Hitachi region. This object represented in three different Japanese texts:

  • Toen shōsetsu (1825)
  • Hyōryū kishū (1835)
  • Ume-no-chiri (1844)

In all three illustrations of the UFO-like object, Hitachi sailors discovered floating in the ocean.

For thousands of years, Aliens and UFOs have been drawn by the painters around the world.

They each felt a responsibility to document UFO sightings and alien visits, with bizarrely similar forms despite the immense differences of geography and time.

Was it a coincidence, or did they all see similar things?

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