June 25, 2024

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30 People Whose Weddings Didn’t Go As Planned Due To The Quarantine

Even if quarantine couldn't stop these lovebirds from saying "I do," their wedding ceremonies do, in fact, look a teeny tiny bit different.

Getting married is a sacred thing. Nobody dares to ruin it—not bad weather, not your grumbling parent-in-law, not even the burnt canapés.

But quarantine has surely made its own changes to how and where newlyweds have said “I do!” From tying the knot with 1-meter distance without permission to kiss the bride to putting up pics of every single wedding guest who couldn’t attend, these weddings are everything but usual.

Bored Panda has compiled a list of the most creative and quirky quarantine weddings that prove love makes the world go round, however chaotic it may be.

#1 Today We Should Of Been Getting Married, But Instead...

Image credits: thegreatmedscape

#2 Due To Coronavirus, We Decided To Just Go To The Courthouse Today Instead Of Stressing About The Wedding We've Been Planning For Months. Couldn't Be Happier. I've Been In Love With This Woman Since I Was 4 Years Old

Image credits: yuyu556448

#3 Taken From My Balcony. I Happened To Overhear Your Beautiful Ceremony When I Went Outside To Play D&D On My Laptop

Image credits: OptimismBias

The wedding planning and registry resource The Knot reported that the United States had 450,000 weddings scheduled for March, April, and May of 2020. Kristen Maxwell-Cooper, the editor-in-chief at The Knot, told Al Jazeera that even if only 4 percent of couples decide to cancel their wedding ceremonies rather than postponing them, it will still hit the vendors big time.

Kristen explained: "Many of our small business partners, the wedding professionals that make weddings happen, are feeling a strain on their bottom line as couples look to postpone and reschedule their weddings for later this year or into 2021.”

#4 Our Wedding Was Cancelled Due To Covid-19. Yesterday, My Son Walked Me Down The Aisle We Created At Our Home

It was a ceremony that was beyond words! I wish all the luck and love to those brides and grooms having to cancel and reschedule their special due to this pandemic.

Image credits: okeyslashdokey

#5 Came Across This Wedding Today In Central Park

Image credits: garydanku

#6 Quarantine Wedding In San Francisco

Image credits: vicensfornsphotography

According to this study, on average, American weddings cost $33,900 in 2019, including all the expenses for the engagement ring, ceremony, and reception. IBISWorld has concluded that even if revenue growth for the wedding industry is expected to decline this year, early in the outlook period, revenue is expected to surge as operators accommodate both new and postponed weddings.

#7 Just Married! With $15 Rings From Amazon, Surprise Delivered Bouquets/Boutonniere From Bms, Lulus Wedding Dress That Arrived The Day Before, And A Suit He Already Had In His Closet

Hair by mom, makeup by baby sister, photography by SIL, catering by holy cow bbq.

Image credits: tangerine613

#8 A Couple Got Their Wedding Notarized At UPS Instead Of Delaying It Because Of Coronavirus

Image credits: Rekanlats

#9 When Your Co-Resident’s Wedding Has Been Thrown Off By Covid-19, You Do Your Best PPE For A Hospital Ceremony

Image credits: gattago

#10 We Eloped, Ate Panda And This Was Our Fortune

Image credits: babyboymommajamma

#11 My Friends Said “F**k Corona”, Washed Their Hands, Got Married, And Live-Streamed The Whole Thing So We Could All Celebrate With Them

I’m just super excited for them and wanted to share a little sunshine for your day.

Image credits: bolfie

#12 We Got Married In April And Just Received Our Wedding Shoot Photos. We Absolutely Love This One

We were only allowed to have our witnesses at city hall, at a safe distance. We livestreamed it all for our original guests. And yes we did have zoom meeting later in the day, and all our friends sent in videos. It wasn't at all what we planned - but we're over the moon that we got married.

And whenever it's possible - we're gonna have our original planned wedding with everyone there. Even if its in a year (or five).

Image credits: SirFuture

#13 Got Married Today

Image credits: twitchesbacon

#14 Alicia And Christian Were Already Planning On Small Ceremony With Only Family And A Few Friends, But Their Woodsy Location Of Choice Was Closed And Out Of The Question

So today they got ready at home, eloped in the backyard, then moved to the kitchen for dessert and dancing. It’s not the day they had planned, but it’s their real and authentic love story. It will be told for generations as their family grows—our story began here, in our home, dancing in our kitchen.

Image credits: madelinerosephoto

#15 They Placed A Laptop On A Stack Of Books, Then Got Married On Zoom

Image credits: athrvpatil

#16 Today Is Our One Month Wedding Anniversary! Pictured Is The Amazing Toilet Paper Bouquet My Mom Made

Image credits: jennifergilliganatx

#17 No Way Could A Pandemic Stop Us From Getting Married

Image credits: itssliliyaa

#18 Once Upon A Time

Image credits: gomikep

#19 We Had To Postpone Our June Wedding So We Decided Just To Elope In My Parent’s Driveway So That My Self-Isolating Sister Could Watch From Her Car

Image credits: Mayohoe

#20 Happy Wedding Day To Us! Not What We Expected But Still Got Married And Had A Wedding Meal

Image credits: Captainfakeeye

#21 My Mother-In-Law Set Up A Sweetheart Table For My Fiancée And I On What Was Supposed To Be Our Wedding Day

Image credits: c_zim

#22 The Bride's Grandma Had Worsening Dementia, So This Couple Decided To Get Married In Her Lawn

Image credits: Painfully_Optimistic

#23 We Were Supposed To Get Married In April But Due To The Virus Wasn't Allowed To Have The Wedding We Planned. But I Still Got The Girl Of My Dreams And She Got My Last Name

Image credits: Bpayne7

#24 Had To Postpone Our Wedding 6 Months Because Of The Corona Virus, But Still Signed Our Papers. Got Married To My Best Friend

Image credits: slackergts

#25 When The Pandemic Ruins Your Wedding, You Find A Beach And Improvise

Image credits: abp93

#26 Covid-19 Wedding Went Exactly As Planned. No Guests, No Touching, But We Broke The 6' Rule

Image credits: BearRiver35

#27 Promised Her A Lifetime Of Happiness And Pizza Was On Top Of The List

Image credits: harkaran_singhsta

#28 Had To Cancel The Wedding But Not The Marriage

Image credits: bdoz138

#29 We Couldn’t Get Married Yesterday, So We Turned To Our Cooking Strengths And Recreated Our Wedding Menu Ourselves

Image credits: Greenifyme22

#30 Did Our Covid-19 Wedding On Front Porch On Front Of People 6 Ft Away In Lawn, In Cars, And Live Streamed! Best Day Ever

Image credits: halestormmj

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