June 25, 2024

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“Desert giant baby”, have you heard of it?

from ng.opera.news


There are countless magical buildings in China, some of which have become landmarks of a region.

Bustling cities, have their own landmark buildings, convenient for people to watch and visit, we have been accustomed to.

But you know what? In an ancient town called Guazhou in Gansu Province, people have left a “giant baby in the desert” sculpture on the empty, dry and cold Gobi desert for two years!

This is a very unique sculpture landscape in the desert of Gansu Province, which attracts people to see “giant baby in the desert” from a long distance.

“Desert giant baby” looks like a sleeping baby lying on the ground, very cute. Although it’s a building, it’s not rigid. It looks like a real baby: lovely expression, close eyes, lying quietly, like a child in the arms of a mother, sleeping peacefully.

“Desert giant baby” lies on the desert and sleeps for more than two years. There is not even a decent building around him, except that the desert is gravel, which should be painstakingly done by the builders. No wonder that although more and more tourists come to “visit” the child, when the tourists come to see the child sleeping in the lonely desert, the first reaction is: very “heartache”!

“Desert giant baby” was created by Professor Dong Shubing of Tsinghua University. The title of the work is “the son of the earth”, which means that we are all the children of the earth. We should be grateful that the land gave birth to us. The design and construction of it was organized by Professor Dong Shubing, who also raised the funds needed. After the construction, it was given to the local people free of charge. Professor Dong Shubing said that the reason for the construction of the “giant baby” was to protect the local living environment. Later, it became a landmark building on the desolate land of Guazhou.

The manufacturing process of “desert giant baby” is very troublesome, because it is too large in size. The 3D printing technology is used in the transportation, which divides the model of the statue into pieces, and then transports it to the desert for assembly. In order to ensure the smooth construction of the sculpture, the local government also built a road nearby.

There is no doubt that the “desert giant baby” can truly reflect the author’s hard work, which is to tell us to cherish this land and protect the ecological environment under our feet.

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