July 19, 2024

Thought 2 Go

Fast Food for Thought

The Intellectual Aristocracy

The Intellectual Aristocracy are a group of cerebral beings who exist only in the field of pure thought.

Those who have achieved self-actualization on the Maslow pyramid, do not engage in gossip, they engage only in ideas.

They are the ones who speak only of ideas.

Ideas can become things.

Ideas can plant seeds which can grow, or die into entire civilizations.

Ideas are a form of intelligence (as a palpable state).

Intelligence is as a form of energy; solid, liquid, gas, plasma – intelligence.

Humans are mostly solids and liquids, but the brain supports the highest form of energy, intelligence.

For example, if you want to generate heat, by building a Nuclear Power Plant, you need the engineering schematics.

These ‘blue prints’ may be printed on paper, but someone drew them using pencils or computer programs.

Thoughts are things.

Spread the intelligence.


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