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The Irish Woman Who Lived Once, Was Buried Twice & Killed Her Husband By Accident

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turned out that not all fiction is fiction, and not all myth, bedtime stories are based on fantasy.

This is the story of a woman of no wealth, no astonishing accomplishment who became infamous in Ireland and the surroundings because of her ring. Now her legend lives long as the woman who walked earth twice.

According to local historian Jim Conway, the 1700s was a time of terrible famine. Margorie, among other Irish men, women, and children, suffered the ugly circumstances Ireland was going through. She got sick many times, until one day, her sickness was the last time. Marjorie McCall was announced dead due to a mysterious fever. To make sure the rest of the village don’t catch the same illness, her bereft husband & children buried her quickly with a heavy heart.

The word wen out that the doctor’s buried wife was buried with her jewelry — a ring in her middle finger that’s worth a lot of bucks. One night after her rushed funeral, two thieves sneaked into the Shankill graveyard in Lurgan to steal the promised ring from the dead woman’s corpse.

The first thief tried to force the ring out of Marjorie’s finger, but the rigor finger wouldn’t allow him to pull the ring quickly. Our brave thief took out his knife and promptly cut the freshly dead finger when the most bizarre thing happened — the dead lady opened her eyes!

According to stories, the corps stood up in oblivion of what was happening around her. The recipients of this unpleasant surprise stood in their places in shock, and the two thieves died on the spot due to a heart attack of the hideous scene they just witnessed.

Doctors later explained that when the thief pulled out his knife and tried to cut Marjorie’s finger, he walked her up from the coma in which no one knew she was. As the angry dead started screaming, the thieves thought it was her spirit attacking them back before they drop dead in their turn.

As if that wasn’t enough, the in-shock corps took an empty look at the two dead bodies of her awakeners before she started marching towards her husband to try to grasp an idea of what the hell was happening.

As the door knocked, Marjorie’s husband inside stood in shock as he heard the knocks.

“If your Mom weren’t dead already, I’d say that’s her knocking!” said Marjorie’s husband.

As the man opened the door, he saw the last face on Earth he expected to see. As Marjorie smiled for the familiar face of her husband, The doctor who just buried his wife a day before couldn’t absorb the shock.

The doctor died from shock.

It is said that Margorie lived a long life, married again, and had many children. When she died, for good this time, the gravestone was erected, and a legend was born.

Courtesy of Mal McCall

If you happened to visit any place near Lurgan, you might want to consider a trip to the Shankill Cemetery to marvel in the presence of the Irish lady who lived once but managed to be resurrected and get buried twice.

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