We all were there when Elon Musk was asking ‘The Flat Earth Society” the important questions, poking at the reasoning behind the conspiracy theory that Earth is, in fact, a flat disc. While flat-earthers seem to lack substantial arguments in the debate and it seems quite obvious what the answer to the age-old question is, Imgur user GregPagel’s views were challenged after he snapped a photo of Lake Michigan.

After examining the photos, Greg, a 47-year-old musician from Manitowoc, realized that the horizon he captured seemed quite flat, instantly raising doubts about everything he knew about the Earth globe. “I’ve often looked at the horizon over that lake–thousands of times–and wondered, “am I seeing a curve? I’m not sure. Maybe a little? Or is my mind playing tricks?” As a kid, I’d look at it a lot,” Greg told Bored Panda. So, he did what any other person would do, and he used science to find out if this popular conspiracy theory had any truth in it. “When I actually did the math and made the diagram, I actually felt a rush,” Pagel recalled. Using Google Earth and some calculations, he was able to figure it all out and share the surprising flat earth theory results with the world. Scroll down to see what he found out yourself!

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Yesterday, imgur user Greg took some pictures in Manitowoc, Wisconsin

He snapped some beautiful panorama shots of Lake Michigan


However, he quickly noticed that something odd about the photographs

The horizon seemed pretty… flat


So Greg did what any other person would do and used science to figure it all out

From using Google Earth to graphs, the man dove head-first into the challenge

“The fun part was showing a .12 degree arc on a circle. It’s almost nothing!” – Greg told Bored Panda

And here’s your answer! 0.12 curve is barely noticeable, but it’s still a curve!