May 26, 2024

Thought 2 Go

Fast Food for Thought

These trees and our forest

our trees

These trees, these trees are our trees

These trees sway and sing,

Soft message they bring,

From a time long ago,

From a time we don’t know,

From a time as they grow.

They grow big and grow tall,

During storms they may fall,

But they’re our trees after all.

And this is our forest,

where sometimes you’ll find,

the most sweet little deers,

of the most friendliest kind.

So this is our song,

we sing to our trees,

We love you with all the,

animals bird and bees.

Your roots will grow deep,

Deep into our land,

Where we will remember,

here a lot more than sand.

Please always protect us,

from the hot sun above,

and in Spring and in Summer,

Apples pears peach and plums.

We hope you enjoyed our song lyrics, this is a song and poem written by Ideas, Inspirations, and Idioms.

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