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Ultimate survival cooking off grid without electricity is in your own backyard – BBQ

Thought2Go.com – 10/21/2021 – Charlotte, NC — With talk of energy shortages, many people are searching for alternative ways of cooking food.  In this article we are going to show you that everyone has a survival oven, an off-grid cookhouse in your backyard – it’s your BBQ.  Your Charcoal BBQ can cook meat using wood chips you collect from the forest, all you need is a knife, ax, or hatchet to chop them up.  Stockpiling charcoal is a good idea if you are lazy and don’t want to prepare the wood chips (although, chopping wood is good exercise).  For this example we used a Weber charcoal grill we bought at Lowes for $99 on sale from $120 because it was out of season floor model (BONUS- No Assembly Required!).

There is an ash dispenser at the bottom which is amazing because it allows you to clear out the bottom of the grill where ash tends to sit and clog the vents.  For those who have used these round grills before the problem is usually there are a few holes in the bottom that quickly fill with ash.  More ash is created by using leaves and brush to start your fire however sometimes that is all that is available and non-toxic.  This grill has a handle that you can turn and clear out the ash.

It was a cool and dry October day in Charlotte so lighting the fire was not a problem.  If you are in a wet or rainy area having dry material is a problem, if you are in a rainy area keep leaves, wood, and kindling in a shed or dry place days before you plan on using it.  It is possible to BBQ even directly under the rain as long as you have dry material.  The key to good BBQ is good fire.

Here is our setup:

We let the fire burn with twigs and leaves for 30 minutes which is a long time, adding 5 – 10 coals slowly every 10 minutes.  Finally, we let all the twigs burn until only coals are burning:



We pre-seasoned the meat with Russian rub (you can buy in Russian store near you) and drizzled homemade nut oil – this is not necessary but will help the meat cook easier and the seasoning makes it more tasty.  Yum!

When you put the meat there should be NO FLAME only heat generated from the burning coals.  This is not easy and you must be patient.

Finally, when the meat is on the grill be sure to turn it a few times and then cover it.  A sign of piping smoke billowing from the BBQ is a sign that things are cooking.  When the BBQ is covered it should also stop flames from growing.  Keep until fully cooked to your liking but be careful not to sear the meat with open flame!  Bring 2 glass or metal containers for meat never use the same container for raw meat and cooked meat, parasites and bacteria can be in raw meat that are killed during the cooking process.  Finally – you should see this:

BBQ grills are available everywhere and should be kept by everyone as a backup cooking source should the power grid be down for extended periods of time.  Of course if the power grid is down, you will not have electricity to keep your freezer running – that’s the topic for another article.  But remember that our ancestors cooked meat after the hunt because they didn’t have refrigerators.  If you have no freezer and lots of frozen meat consider BBQ all the meat it will last longer cooked than raw.  Also note that many smoked meats you buy in the deli are smoked and not cooked.  BBQ both cooks and smokes meat, at least with coal.

Propane BBQ is not appropriate because stockpiles of Propane will quickly run out.

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