June 25, 2024

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What are interesting places? Vilcabamba

interesting places

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What are interesting places?  For example, Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  It is rumored that people live longer in this ancient city.  Whether the rumors are true or not, there seems to be some magic energy about this place, which definitely is interesting!  Read more at Wikipedia:

Vilcabamba is a village in the southern region of Ecuador, in Loja Province, about 45 km (28 mi) from the city of Loja. The etymology of the name “Vilcabamba” apparently derives from the Quichua “huilco pamba.” Huilco denotes the sacred trees, Anadenanthera colubrina, that inhabit the region; pamba (cognate with pampa) is a word meaning “a plain”. The area has been referred to as the “Playground of the Inca” which refers to its historic use as a retreat for Incan royalty. The valley is overlooked by a mountain called Mandango, the Sleeping Inca, whose presence is said to protect the area from earthquakes and other natural disasters.

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interesting places

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