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What is Karma | How does It Work? The Ultimate Guide (3 Myths and 7 Truths)

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Hello, beautiful soul. There’s a ton of false information out there about karma. If you don’t understand what is karma and how to work with it, you can stay stuck, struggling with the same issues and experiences over and over again.

So, what is karma really, and how does it affect your life? I’ll be answering these questions in this post.

And most importantly, I will help you learn how to work with karma so you can use it to your advantage and spiritually grow faster than you ever thought possible.

So I’m going to start talking about karma from the two traditions, where this concept and understanding originated.

But then I’m going to depart significantly. So I’m going to talk about how karma is different in Hinduism and Buddhism.

And then I’m going to depart a bit because I’m going to give you a little bit more of my understanding of karma and how I have come to see it over the years.

Karma In Hinduism and Buddhism
karma in buddhism and hinduism

So, first, into the two traditions that talk about karma the most, Hinduism and Buddhism.

Afterwards, Buddhism came after Hinduism. Ideally, what karma means for Hindus and Buddhists also, there’s only a little bit of a difference in the particularity of how they see karma.

For Hinduism, karma means that for every action, there’s a reaction.

So you reap what you sow. I’ve bet you’ve heard that before too.

Okay, so karma refers to any reaction you get from a life coming, stemming from your actions. All right?

Now the only difference in Buddhism, I’m not going to get into too many details on the differences between how these two traditions see karma. Still, there’s one particular area that I think is worth mentioning, and that is Buddhists see karma not just through actions but also through intention.

It is important because I completely agree with the Buddhist tradition on the view of karma.

your intention is just as the action

They give a lot of importance to intention, whereas action is the main priority in Hinduism.

And so I’ll give you an example of how this works-

So let’s say you are driving down the road and you maliciously want to crash into someone.

For example, your ex is driving in front of you, and you’re pissed off at her. You maliciously crash your car into your ex on purpose to hurt her, and you kill her on the road.

So that’s one action.

2nd Situation– Now it’s different. You’re driving down the road.

It’s been a long day. You’re so tired, and for a fraction of a second, as you’re driving down the freeway, you nod off.

You fall asleep when you wake up, and you crash into someone, and you cause a bunch of deaths on the road.

These two actions are entirely different in terms of their karmic consequences. Why?

Because in one action, you had the intention of hurting someone, whereas, in the other, you did not.

So the karmic consequences of that are entirely different even though the actions themselves can seem like they’re similar.

So that’s the difference between how Hinduism sees karma and how Buddhism sees karma. And I think that this is a crucial distinction to make.

Karma Explained Never Before

  • For Hinduism, karma means that for every action, there’s a reaction.
  • Karma means you reap what you sow. Karma is a reaction to an action or an intent.
  • Buddhists see karma not just through actions but also through intention.
  • Karma is simply a reflecting back of whatever you’re giving it or whatever you’re putting in front of it.
  • Karma is like a mirroring feedback system that allows you to get to know yourself. It allows self-realization.
  • Karma has been valuable as an evolutionary tool for our souls because we are constantly mirrored back through it.
  • Karma refines you.
  • Karma is only essential if you live in a separate consciousness.
  • Whenever you come out of unity consciousness and go into separation consciousness, karma becomes necessary as a teaching tool, as a feedback tool.
  •  The more we self-realize, the less karma is necessary, and it completely dissolves.
  • The smaller the action, the fewer consequences, the less that karma affects the souls around you. The bigger the action, the more impactful the story, the more ripples out.
  • The bigger the karma, the more it ripples out to everyone around you and a significant number of people depending on the karmic load.
  • The more you love people, the more that love is returned. Same thing. The more that you are kind in the world, the more that kindness returns.
  • karma is only necessary when you are unconscious.

Understanding Karma In a Different Way

karma is like a mirror

Now let’s depart significantly from the main traditions that usually talk about karma. And let’s go into a different way of seeing the same thing.

Okay, so think of karma as a mirror. It is like a mirror. All right?
So what karma does is, it’s constantly showing you the reflection that you’re giving it.

So a mirror shows you an accurate reflection of whatever standing in front of it, right? That’s one way of seeing karma.

It is simply a reflecting back of whatever you’re giving it or whatever you’re putting in front of it.

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Karma is a Feedback System

feedback system

Another way of seeing karma that I love is that karma is a feedback system. Now, what does this mean?

Karma is a feedback system because, without a mirror, you wouldn’t know yourself without a feedback system.

You wouldn’t be able to self-realization.

And sometimes people don’t know what that means.

But why do you need mirrors? Why do you need a feedback system?

Let me give you this example to clear this up for you.

Suppose that you never had in your life. Just try to imagine this. I know it’s hard to imagine but try this exercise.

Suppose you never looked into a mirror since birth until now. You had never seen your reflection on the water, Lake, or anything.

Would you know how you looked? No. Right? You would not know how you looked.

The only way that you know what you look like is because you’ve stared at yourself in the mirror for years.

What does the mirror allow you? To become aware of self. All right?

So that’s essentially what karma is.

Karma is like a mirroring feedback system that allows you to get to know yourself. It allows self-realization.

Because you receive a reaction for every action, you have done because of the feedback system.

You get to know yourself, not only yourself, but also understand and experience what feels good to you, what feels right to you, what is following your soul, and what’s not. Alright, so this was all, what karma has done for us.

It has been a precious feedback system that has allowed us to feel on our skin, what we do in the world, what we intend.

There would be no other way to understand and get to know yourself in your depths without this feedback system.

Karma has been valuable as an evolutionary tool for our souls because we are constantly mirrored back through it.

Things we do, words that we say, and intentions that we have comes back to us.

And at the moment, when you are receiving the feedback, when you are getting the mirrors, when you are accepting the karmic loop coming back to you, you can decide whether it’s something that you want to continue to perpetuate.

Whether you want to learn the lesson or whether you wish to keep behaving in the same way.

And the mirror will keep returning the exact reflection.

So karma is ultimately a feedback system that allows me to realize oneness.

It allows one to realize oneness.

That’s why karma has been such a valuable ally—evolutionary ally for our souls.

Because going through these karmic loops, these cycles are mirrored and receiving the reaction of whatever action or intention you put out in the world.

Karma in Separation and Unity Consciousness

And I’m going to talk a bit of this in a little while, why it’s essential and how karma completely changes as you come into more unity conscious and consciousness of one.

So karma, aside from being a feedback system or a mirror, if you like to look at it that way.

I’ll give you another way of looking at karma. Karma refines you.

It allows you to sift through things, and it refines you in the sense that through the feedback loop of karma, you get to know whether you are in connection with yourself and with your soul or whether you are not.

It brings you experiences that allow you to feel the evolution of your soul occurs through feeling.

When karma returns to you, when the reaction to your action returns to you, you get to sift through those experiences and see how you feel about them.

When you receive the reaction to your karma, you get to understand the lessons of those consequences.

So, for example, you are outraged, and you punch someone in the face.

Then let’s say two days later you are in a grocery line and a mentally unstable person comes into the grocery store, and they lunge at you, they punched you in the face.

It is a very simplistic view of karma, by the way, but I’m just giving this example so that we can understand this a little bit better.

So when you get punched in the face, that’s a different feeling than when you do the punching, yes?

So when you act, the feeling is different because you are working out of other emotions than the ones you received.

So when someone punches you in the face, you get to feel on your skin. The actions, the same actions that you submitted others two days before.

I was looking at different types of examples and metaphors to help you get there.

The cool thing about karma is that contrary to some of the world’s traditions that look more at karma as something set in stone or your destiny or whatever, karma is not.

Karma is only necessary if you’ve been reading what I’ve been writing up until now. Karma is only essential if you live in a separate consciousness.

The moment that you self realize karma, the feedback system becomes unnecessary.

But I’m going to talk about that a little bit more, further down in this post.

3 Types Of Karma

the 3 phases of karma

I wanted to go through the three phases of karma. So that you understand, karma is not just one thing, and you’re not stuck in the wheel of karma.

I can’t entirely agree with Hinduism and Buddhism, who talk a lot about the wheel of karma.
And there is an understanding that you’re sort of stuck in the wheel of karma.

They say that you have to keep coming back here lifetime after lifetime, work out your karma, and then you get to leave almost as if coming to earth were some prisoner punishment.

I don’t see karma that way at all. So I’m going to share the three phases of karma with you to know that it’s time for us to broaden our understanding of what karma is.

1). Unconsciousness


In this phase of karma, you are unconscious, like the words you say. You have no idea what karma is.

You have no idea how to reap what you sow. You are entirely unconscious as a human being.

Another way of saying this is you are in 3D consciousness or separation consciousness.

You have no idea that you are connected to all things. You have no idea that you are a soul on a journey coming from Godhead or source.

In this first phase, karma is something that is built into the unconscious.

It’s built into the matrix that you live in as an unconscious being because it’s through that karmic loop coming back to you that you will start to move from unconsciousness towards waking up.

But in the first phase, karma is very important. Karma is a permanent fixture in this level of consciousness because it’s actually through karma.
Through the feedback loop and the mirroring of karma, you know that you are in separation consciousness. There is such a thing as unity consciousness, and it’s time to go there.

So karma is essential in the first phrase.
This is where the planet has been, and most of us have been for thousands of years. So we’ve been in this phase one of karma for thousands of years.

And in fact, it’s this phase one of karma that Hinduism and Buddhism talk about a lot. Okay?

We’ve been there for thousands of years in this sort of separation consciousness, 3d consciousness, but now comes phase two of karma.

2). Awakening


Phase two of karma is called awakening.

Awakening means you start to wake up, maybe through a spiritual awakening, perhaps just a spontaneous awakening.

It doesn’t matter how it happens.

The point is that you go from being unconscious to being conscious.

And it could be from one day to the next, or it could be through an initiation that takes multiple years.

It doesn’t matter. But the point is, you wake up, and now you suddenly know what karma is.

Now you know that it’s a feedback system. You know that you are a spiritual being going through this evolutionary movement through the universe.

You know that you are connected to the source, that you are source incarnated. You will start to experience all of these things.

This second phase is exciting because now we’re starting to bridge 3d consciousness or separation consciousness with unity consciousness or what’s called five D consciousness, right?

So in this second phase of karma, you are toggling between the two. You can’t quite hold unity consciousness 100% of the time.

So you keep toggling. So maybe you have some wounds, perhaps you have some distortions. Perhaps you have things that need to be healed within you that pull you into separation consciousness.

Sometimes, maybe it’s when you are in meditation. Perhaps it’s when you connect with a loved one.

There are moments in your life where you feel the boom. You feel that connection, and you are in 5D consciousness.

Now you are in unity consciousness, but then you jump out sometimes.

Okay, so this phase two karma still plays an important role. Whenever you come out of unity consciousness and go into separation consciousness, karma becomes necessary as a teaching tool, as a feedback tool.

So in this second phase, by the way, this is where the majority of the planet is.

It is where most of us are right now in the three phases of karma. We are in the stage of awakening in the second phase.

And so karma is still somewhat important, although not as important as it was in phase one, because now when you are in unity, consciousness, karma dissolves. Karma drops.

So, now karma plays less of a role when you are awake than when you were unconscious.

You don’t want to go too deep on the difference between 3d consciousness and 5D consciousness.

3). Self-Realization

self - realization

The third phase of karma is called self-realization, and in this phase, you are 100% of the time in unity consciousness.

You are in 5D consciousness, meaning that you realize that you are connected to all things. You recognize who you are on a soul level.

You realized that you are a stream of consciousness from the source, and you are connected to the original.

When this phase comes, you no longer need karma, so karma dissolves.

All right, this is where humanity is going.

As we shift more and more towards 5D consciousness, karma becomes less necessary. 

I’m going to talk about this in a bit more detail, but karma is no longer necessary because you know yourself.

Now you don’t need a mirror and a feedback system anymore.

You don’t need a feedback system because when a person is self-realized, he will not kill anybody.

They won’t need to receive the consequences of that act. They know what to do because they are self-realized.

Now there haven’t been a lot of people that have walked the earth self-realized.

I can think of two examples. Jesus being one, Buddha being the other.

I bet more mystics have been in this phase three of karma, but it has not been widespread on the planet, but that’s where we’re.

That’s where our evolution of consciousness is going. The more we self-realize, the less karma is necessary, and it completely dissolves.

7 Truths About Karma

karma truths

I’m going to share seven truths of karma with you.

So that we become clear on what karma is.

Because there is just so much misinformation out there and misinterpretation of what karma is.

So I’m going to leave these seven truths about karma so that you can get clear on what karma is, and that’ll help you be able to work with karma later on.

1) Karma Is Not Necessary

karma is not necessary

I already touched upon that a little bit earlier in the post, that karma is not necessary.

It may be a little bit of a departure from the traditions that have talked about karma for thousands of years.

It may be a bit of a departure, but this is how I see it. Karma not necessary.

The first time I came in contact with this was when I was meditating, and I contemplated this karma thing. I was thinking about it.

I was an introspection, I was meditating, and one of my guides came through, and he just said something that I had to chew on for a while.

He came to me, and he just said, Jesus, didn’t need a mirror.

He knew to say Jesus because it was one of my Jesus’s, one of my favorite ascended masters in one that I work with very frequently and loved so much.

When my guy just dropped that on my head, I had to sit with that observation for a long time.

I didn’t understand what it meant at the time, but I wrote it down, and I kept working with it.

Jesus didn’t need a mirror.

And you know, if you don’t follow Jesus or you don’t care about Jesus, you could put any other master in that sentence.

You could say, Buddha if you want to, or quantity, and if you’re going to, it doesn’t matter.

But in my case, the sentence was, Jesus didn’t need a mirror. And you know, what did that mean?

Well, it meant Jesus or Buddha. These are self-realized beings.

The moment that you become self-realized, you do not need a mirror because you don’t need to see your reflection back to you because you already know yourself. Now the mirror becomes unnecessary.

So the first truth about karma is that it’s not necessary.

Some traditions view karma as a punishment that you have to keep coming down here to work through all the evil deeds you did in the past, and you’re not going to go out of the wheel of karma.

So, and as you read in the three phases of karma, karma is unnecessary, and that’s where we’re all going eventually.

I don’t know in this lifetime or multiple lifetimes, but that’s where our consciousness’s progression and evolution are going. It is not necessary.

Karma is only necessary when you are unconscious. When you don’t know who you are when you have many wounding and distortions within you.

Otherwise, there’s no need for it.

2) Karma Is Speeding Up

karma is speeding up

In the traditional way of seeing karma, it used to operate until very recently. Karma was a long arc.

You know, kind of like Martin Luther King saying that the arc of truth is long, but it bends towards justice.

So, for example, let’s say that I killed someone two lifetimes ago. All right?

Sometimes, mirroring of that action can take two lifetimes for it to come back and mirror. I receive or reap what I sowed two lifetimes ago.

Karma was so slow and has been so quiet in the past because my level of consciousness was deficient.

We were all living with deficient levels of consciousness. The more unconscious I am, the slower karma needs to be to chew, digest, learn the experiences, right?

So you can think of it, you know, think of it a bit between, you know, a student that may have a learning disability for example, and they may need a little bit more time to learn things versus a student that’s like, has IQ off the charts, and they know things so quickly.

These two people may need different times, accumulate things, know things, and learn something.

It’s the same thing with our souls too. When we live in extreme States of unconsciousness, karma needs to be slower than we, because we were learning slower at the time.

But now, everything’s changing, not just with the energy on the planet, but karma itself is speeding up, and it’s speeding up to accompany our evolution.

As more and more of us awaken, the more you go from unconsciousness to consciousness, the faster karma goes because now you are ready to understand the mirroring.

Now you are ready to incorporate the lessons faster because you are awakening. You are learning more quickly.

So karma is speeding up, whereas it sometimes takes a lifetime or more to receive the feedback of action or intent in the 3D environment. Now it could be almost immediate.

I’ll give you an example. Let’s say I get pissed off at someone, and I’m out in the street. I punch someone in the face.

Then I turned around, and I went across the street, and I got hit by a car.

It was a stupid example, but it’s just to show you that the karmic loop took all of 10 seconds.

Karma means you reap what you sow. Karma is a reaction to an action or an intent.

Now karma is moving very quickly, which is good in the sense which means that you’re already ascending in consciousness and on your way to not needing karma anymore.

Still, the speed also allows you to learn more quickly, which means you evolve more quickly, that you don’t come down here to planet earth to be stuck in ruts for entire lifetimes like we used to.

We used to be stuck in lifetime after lifetime doing the same thing over and over and over again.

No more. Now we’re coming into a lifetime, and we can heal and evolve faster than we ever have before.

3) Karma Is Not Just About You

karma is not about you

The third truth is that karma is not just about you.

Karma is a complex feedback system that has branches out and ripples out far beyond you.

It is important because what it means is you will have to take more responsibility for the things that you do and the intentions and actions that you have in your 3D reality.

Because the truth about karma is that karma can propagate to various areas that have nothing to do with you or go way beyond you.

I’ll give you an example. If you murder someone in a lifetime, your children will carry that karmic template from your action of murdering someone even though they had nothing to do with it, okay? That’s the rippling effect of karma.

I’ll give an example of great karma versus little karma. The smaller the action, the fewer consequences, the less that karma affects the souls around you.

The bigger the action, the more impactful the story, the more ripples out.

It affects your entire soul family or any group you belong to, depending on the karma size.

Let’s say that I murder someone or attack someone or whatever, and then that ripples into my children. Just that’s smaller—a minor effect.

Portugal had a long karmic, big karmic load on the entire country and the whole Portuguese society because Portugal was one of the world’s first colonial powers.

So the Portuguese went everywhere in the world, and they took slaves.

They pillaged, uh, they destroyed first nations people.

They just did a lot of shenanigans, as all colonial powers have done on the planet. Those are massive, painful actions.

And that the consequence is that all Portuguese then carried that karmic load of colonialism.

There are other examples also. Like Germany’s substantial karmic load after world war two.

In the US still to these days healing an extreme karmic load from the founding of the country.

Also based on the displacement of the first nation and native Americans, but also on slavery.

America built the country on slavery initially. That’s a strong wounding that rippled out to all Americans.

Okay, so these are just a few examples to show you that karma, it’s not only held within you and me.

If it’s big enough, it’s going through your family, soul group, tribe, society, and your entire country. Okay?

The bigger the karma, the more it ripples out to everyone around you and a significant number of people depending on the karmic load.

4) Karma Is Not A Punishment

karma is not a punishment

So again, this could be a departure from the way the original traditional cultures had seen Karma when they started talking about it. But it is not a punishment. I do not see it as a punishment at all.

Karma is simply a mirroring or feedback system that informs you of the content of your actions and your intentions in the world.

It is probably one of the most misconceptions that we have about Karma.

And if you’ve ever heard the term karma is a bitch. Have you ever heard that term?

We use it a lot in the English language. Karma is a bitch when we say that. What are we saying?

We’re already denoting Karma as being something terrible.

It’s not at all. All right

So, you have to remember that Karma is neutral. In the same way that mirrors are neutral.

Let’s start with the assumption that the mirror is clean and spotless.

If I stand in front of a clean mirror, is it not true that that mirror is an accurate representation of my reflection?

There’re mirrors, not emotional. The mirror is not punishing you.

If your face is full of mud and you look at the mirror, it’s not the mirror’s fault that your face is full of dirt.

The mirror shows that Karma is neutral. All right, so the whole Karma is a bitch term is entirely wrong, and it comes from this idea that, especially in Western society, they think that Karma is a punishment. It is not valid.

It’s very neutral, meaning that it’s a feedback system that will constantly return to you what you are giving out, what you are intending and what you’re acting.

Good and Bad Effects Of Karma

Even though I’ve been giving negative karma examples in this post until now, there are also positive karma examples.

The more you love people, the more that love is returned. Same thing. The more that you are kind in the world, the more that kindness returns.

Remember, Karma has to do with intention, not just with action. Your purpose that you do something in your environment is just as essential as the action itself.

Never forget this. Your intention is just as important as the action.

I wanted to leave here to please focus on intention. Remember that intention also creates Karma.

Take responsibility, ensure that you are not acting or intending out of unity consciousness and make sure you do not want to separate consciousness. The only way you could harm another human being is if you are in separation consciousness.

Karma is a punishment, and when bad things happen, I do not want to leave you with the impression that it must be Karma if something terrible happens to you.

You’re reaping from something terrible you did in a past life or years ago or whatever.

The Laws of Karma is one of many laws and many cogs in this whole machine that we call life that we call the universe.

So there are so many things going on. It is a very complex system, and Karma is one of the cogs in that whole system.

So it’s one part of the whole. I mean by this that you can be sure that painful things will happen to you in your life as they’ve happened in mine and maybe will continue to happen to you, you know, it’s just the nature of life.

Painful things can happen to us that have nothing to do with Karma.

Remember this- Karma isn’t this black and white thing. It doesn’t govern everything. It’s one part of a more extensive system.

Bad things can happen to you that have nothing to do with Karma.

It has nothing to do with you doing something terrible in the past. All right

Sometimes we do go through painful things in life, and they have nothing to do with Karma.

5) The Wheel Of Karma Is Ending

the wheel of karma is ending

I talked about this a little bit previously, so I’m not going to go too much into this, but when I talked about the three phases of karma, I emphasize that karma, it’s the, the wheel of karma is ending because as we move into unity consciousness, as we move into 5D consciousness, karma becomes unnecessary.

Because when you self realize you don’t need a mirror anymore, you don’t need that feedback system.

So this is another truth.

Karma is ending, especially as we move into unity consciousness.

6) Karma Is Not Set In Stone

Karma is not set in a stone

So again, this departs a little bit from the traditions that usually talk about karma.

Karma is seen a little more statically, meaning that it’s almost conflated with Dharma or my life path.

According to some of the older traditions on the planet, there’s more rigidity when it comes to karma. But karma is not set in stone at all.

For example, let’s say that I murdered someone in a past life, whatever.

But then that karma never came back to me.

Now I’m in this life, I wake up, and I’m like, Oh my gosh, unity consciousness. We’re all one. I’m connected. Oh my God.

And I start meditating, and I start healing past lives. I asked for forgiveness from my creator.

I wash, I heal everything that I have ever done in the past that has caused harm on this planet.

I do some whole Pono Pono. That’s another excellent practice that you can use for healing. I start doing the healing. I come into unity consciousness.

Then You see, it’s not set in stone, meaning that I murdered someone in a past life, but then I woke up in this one.

So the karma loop didn’t need to come back to me because I woke up, and I healed. I cleanse that karma from the past without it having to materialize in the 3D world.

You can do this. Okay. So karma is not set in stone. When you awaken and start to ascend in consciousness and begin to clear your karma from the past, it no longer needs to loop back at you.

So it doesn’t need to materialize in your 3D world.

7) Karma Can Be Cleared Easily

karma can be cleared easily

It may be a little bit of a departure from how it’s usually seen because karma is seen a little more originally, like almost you can’t get out of the wheel karma, no matter what you do.

And that’s not true at all, especially in these new energies, and you can heal and clear thousands of years worth of karma. Never forget this.

In this current energy, in this era of Pisces, we can clear thousands of years’ worth of karma in one lifetime.

Okay, so again, this is easy to clear. Does it take some time? Sure. It may take some time because you have to go deeper in your life to understand your wounding, see things, and feel some karma that you may do in the past lives.

Your karma can be cleared very quickly on the spot with the help of ascended masters.

When you are clearing karma, you call on the highest possible energy, the highest potential ascended masters, to help you do the clearing. But you also take responsibility for the dismissal first.

You take responsibility for doing your karmic clearing, and when you seek assistance from others to help in the process.

And one of the ways that I just talked about was the use of hope on the opponent.

That’s an excellent tool for you to use. The whole Pono Pono is just a Hawaiian prayer.

That consists of four parts.

  • I love you.
  • I’m sorry.
  • Please forgive me.
  • Thank you.

Just four parts to the prayer, and you can repeat this over and over. It is a very healing prayer.

How To Work With Karma

how to work with karma

Now that we’ve debunked some common myths and brought some truth into the equation, karma isn’t a punishment. It is very neutral. It’s only a mirroring or our feedback system to help you evolve.

Now that we know all of that, how can we better work with karma?

Because here’s the thing, if you don’t know how to work with karma, if you don’t know how to clear it, it’s just going to keep playing out in your life because you have to come into a certain level of consciousness to understand how to remove that.

Karma knows how to work with it. And as you’re ascending in your consciousness, that’s how the karma clears.

All right, so I’m going to give you “Three simple tips” to help you.

It doesn’t have to be in any specific order that I give you in this post.

These tips are straightforward, but they’re mighty in helping you. Work positively with karma to use karma to your advantage and get out of these ruts.

1) Introspection and Self-Awareness

introspection and self awareness

Seems obvious, right? We’ve been talking in this post about how karma is a simple mirroring or a feedback system.

For example, If it’s a mirror, it means that the more you see yourself, the more you are introspective, the more you are self-aware, the more you understand and acknowledge what’s true about you and what’s not.

The more you see the distortions in the wounds in you, the more you clear all of that up, the more self-aware you become, the more unnecessary the mirror becomes—this self-awareness.

Remember, karma is only necessary when you are unconscious.

So, it would help if you saw the consequences of your actions to learn. The more you are self-aware, the more you go inward, the more you clear all of the distortions that you have that prevent you from seeing life really as oneness. The nature of reality is oneness.

Any time that you don’t see oneness, you are not in unity consciousness. The only reason you are doing this is that there are wounding or distortions in you that are preventing you from seeing or experiencing that oneness.

So this first tip is crucial. Be self-aware. Look inward. Take time to meditate.

Take time to understand your feelings, feel your feelings, process your experiences, and heal all of these things.

The more that you are self-aware, the more unnecessary the karma is.

2) Heal Your Wounds and Distortions

heal your wounds and distortions

The example that I gave a little while ago about, let’s say, you had your face full of mud, and when you stood in front of a mirror. Well, the mirror is going to show you the dirt.

So, are you going to clean up your face or not? Because if you don’t clean up your look, what’s the mirror going to do? It’s going to keep mirroring back a dirty face.

Healing your distortions and wounds is crucial because the more you heal, the less this is necessary. And also the less karma you create.

The wounding needs to be healed for that mirror to clear up because, again, the mirror will continue to show you what you are.

So please clean it up, heal everything you have to recover from past lives, from this lifetime, heal everything.

Now I want to go a little bit deeper into the word distortions because I’ve been using that word frequently here in this post.

But a lot of times, people don’t even know what distortions mean. So let’s go into this a little bit.

What are Distortions

what are distortions

When I’m talking about distortions, what do I mean? Distortions are essentially lies or untruths about you that are clouding who you are.

Let’s use the mirror as an example. Say that I give you a big dirty cloak, and I say, put this cloak over you and you put the blanket over you, and then I say, stand in front of the mirror, and you stand in front of the mirror.

Will you accurately see who you are in front of that mirror?

No, because you got this dirty, disgusting cloak over you, and it’s masking your true reflection.

That’s a distortion. And we all have it.

And I’m going to give you some examples of what distortions are.

So distortions are untruths about you, and it could be untruths that you hold about yourself or that others have about you.

It doesn’t matter, but the untruths that others hold about us are not essential. What’s damaging to us are the distortions that we have about ourselves.

Distortions are the belief that you are not good enough. You see, that’s a massive distortion.

Because it is not true at all, that’s not your soul essence. Your soul essence is worthy of love. Your soul essence is constantly loved.

When you don’t believe that to be true, when you start feeling that you are not good enough, you distort your field. Just like you have put a dirty cloth over you.

So it would be best if you cleared that cloak. It would help if you threw it off.

And the way that you do that is you have to heal these beliefs. The belief that you are not good enough. The impression that you are not worthy of love.

The belief that you are not smart enough, whatever thoughts you hold about yourself, if they are not the beliefs held by your source, is called distortions.

So here’s another way of looking at a distortion.

Distortion is a belief that you hold different from your source’s idea, your creator has about you.

If I believe you are not good enough. It is not valid. That’s not how the creator sees you; he loves you. The source keeps pouring love on to you.

But if you don’t believe it, you distort your field, and then you’re going to act out according to those distortions because we act out of our wounds and our beliefs every single day.

3) Practice Connection

practice connection

When I talked about karma’s three phases, the last phase is self-realization, that unity consciousness, 5D consciousness where karma is not necessary.

Well, the way you get there is every day, you are going to practice connection.

Meaning you are going to practice coming into 5D consciousness more and more.

Sometimes, a few of us on the planet right now can hold ourselves in 5D consciousness a hundred percent of the time.

There are maybe some masters out there who can do that, but we’re all learning how to go into 5D consciousness for the majority of us.

But then stuff happens in our lives, and then boom, we’re back into separation consciousness.

Then we meditate, and we connect with God. We’re like, Oh my God, Oh home. Then you are back in unity consciousness.

Then we get up from meditation, and we have an argument with our partner, and then we’re back in December, Asian consciousness.

So we’re toggling. The majority of us are toggling between this 3d and 5D reality.

The more you practice connection, oneness, coming into unity, consciousness, connecting to all things, knowing and experiencing your connection to all things, experiencing yourself as an extension of source energy as God in a body, as you’re divinely loved.

You are experiencing yourself as a divine being that’s so loved. The more you practice this type of connection, the more karma becomes unnecessary, the lighter it becomes in your life, too, significantly negative karma.

As you practice connection, karma becomes more unnecessary in your life.

How do you practice connection?

You could do a ton of things to connect with the source, to feel more connected. Meditation connects us to our source.

People who aren’t even spiritual connection to the source without even knowing. They’re connecting to the head by going into nature and just being in nature.

So being in nature can be an exercise of connection for some people, hanging out with the people you love, dancing, all kinds of things. You could keep going on and, but you know what connects you.

You know what makes you feel good and connected to the universe.

So start doing those activities more.

Aside from having a beautiful change in self-perception, that’s also important. That’s also an exercise, in connection.

Again, if you clear your distortions, you start to see yourself as our source sees us. The more distortions you evident, the more connected you are.

So there’s the third one—practice connection. Go more into 5D consciousness, and karma will become unnecessary in your life.

Okay, beautiful soul.

Now I want to hear from you. Leave me in the comments below. Which one of these tips about karma are you going to start implementing first in your life?

Let me know in the comments below. All right, beautiful soul. I love you. I’m out.

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