April 15, 2024

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How to save on household cleaning bills and stay clean and safe

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Cleaning isn’t only about being clean, it’s about protecting yourself and your family from germs, bacteria, viruses, and other things that happen over time in households, offices, and other places.  Cleaning chemicals are expensive and many of them are toxic.  So they have sold us on ‘organic’ cleaners which are twice the price and don’t get the job done!  Here’s a quick tip that will save you money and keep it clean:


Advantages of using pure alcohol:

  • It dries.  If you are a computer user, I.T. technician, you know to only use alcohol on computer components because it will evaporate.  Any other substances will remain and possibly damage equipment.
  • It’s “ORGANIC”.  While not ‘certified’ organic, it would be impossible because it’s an inorganic compound.  Anyway, there are no added chemicals.
  • You can touch it.  Unlike many toxic chemicals where you need to wear thick rubber gloves, you can pour alcohol on your skin it’s not going to hurt unless you have a cut and blood exposed.  But if you have a cut, alcohol is the recommended first aid disinfectant to protect yourself from getting infected.
  • First Aid.  Use it to clean wounds, scrapes, and other skin related injuries.
  • It’s cheap.  Compared to any alternative, it has become a commodity.  You aren’t going to find a cheaper solution than using pure alcohol.

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