May 26, 2024

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Only in Florida

only in florida

only in florida

Did you know Florida is the most weird state?  See an example WTFlorida:

In recent months, a homeless man was found having a picnic in a Walmart bathroom, a man was arrested for popping his pimples outside the entrance to a McDonald’s, and two burglars were arrested after bringing a 14-month-old baby along to rob a house. Wanna guess where all these things happened? Florida. As if there was any doubt.

Why is Florida the weirdest state?  Here’s a few contributing factors:

  • Old people

  • Immigrants

  • The very religious

  • Carpetbaggers and nouveau riche from the rest of the country

  • Rednecks

  • Tourists

Then you have strange laws, such as the unique asset tax.  Good weather, that attracts people with money and nothing better to do.  Foreigners, who may not understand customs of USA.  Finally, Florida has historically been home to weird people, such as Coral Castle, a property built out of rock and coral by a single individual over a period of a lifetime.

Rock on, Florida.

only in florida
only in florida

So we’ve created a category here @ ‘only in florida’

Because we all know that what happens in Florida, stays in the News.

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